How Solar Storage Works

Understand solar systems in 3 simple steps

Step 1

The Solar Panels

Sunlight is converted into DC power by the solar panels. 

This is measured in Kw (KiloWatts).

Step 2

The Inverter

The DC power travels to the inverter, which turns the electricity into AC power ready for household use.

The power is either:

1 – Used by your household;

2 – Sold back to the power company* or

3 – Sent to your battery for storage to be used when the sun goes down**

* you sell it back to the power companies at cost price (eg 10c  per Kw) but buy it back off them at retail prices (eg 29c per Kw).

** this requires a hybrid inverter.  This is just an inverter that that can send power to a battery

Step 3

The Battery

Excess power that is generated during the day and not used by your household can be stored in a battery so that you can use it at night.

Due to the low price that the power companies buy back excess power that is generated by your panels, this is the most economical way to save your excess power.  

Instead of selling back your excess power during the day at 10c and then buying the power back from the power companies at 29c, you can enjoy the free power you have stored in your batteries.

You will also never have to worry about blackouts again! 

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