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Home Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are increasingly popular with homeowners in Australia. Most solar panel owners have installed these devices to cut down on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. Home solar panels in Townsville do exactly that, and Solar Storage Solutions are here to help you understand the benefits of these panels.

Solar Panel Function

While there may be many brands of solar panels, they work in basically the same manner. They are glass panels which contain a number of photovoltaic cells, which the panels used to convert sunlight into energy.

Sunlight frees electrons from the atoms in the cells, and this generates the electrical flow.

Installing solar panels

In order to make sure that also panels generate sufficient energy to support your electrical use, it is important that they are installed correctly. When you contact Solar Storage Solutions, you can find a team to help you identify the right solar panel and storage options for your needs, and then assistance in installing it.

Home Solar Use

Once you have the basics of the electrical flow from your panel, you need to make a connection between the solar panel array and the electrical grid which can be converted for home use.

You use as much electricity as you require, and then you can either store it with devices from Solar Storage Solutions, or you can send it back to the grid to receive a credit on your electricity bill.

Need more help in understanding solar panels?

If you are looking for more information on how to find the right solar panels for your Townsville property, then you need to reach out to Solar Storage Solutions.

We can help you to find the right panels and batteries for your needs, so contact us today by completing our online message form, or by calling us on 07-4724-2779 now.

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“I had a 10 kilowatts battery installed as well, so far it has worked brilliantly, I am using 1 kW a day from the grid and putting up to 25 kW a day into the grid.

Yay no power bills!” 

-Dave Urquhart

“The customer service, from deciding which system is best, to the installation and the after service is fantastic! If you are looking to have solar then these guys are very good. 

Could not be happier with the system and the service received.” 

-Terry Sawers

“Customer service is fantastic these people are very good at what they do. Could not be happier with the service and workmanship we received. 

Definitely recommend this business to all friends and family. 

Thank you, Noel” 

-Mark and Joelyn McGreal

“Noel and the team at solar storage solution have always helped me out with support for my great system which I have now for about 4 years. When we moved to a new house Noel and his team came in and moved the battery system and installed it in our new home. His support and knowledge on these systems is second to none. Any faults or problem he is straight onto it to help sort it out. 

Highly recommend Noel and his team if you are looking for solar and storage system.” 


“Solar Storage Solutions was a great company to deal with, they kept in constant communication and conducted themselves professionally and ethically. 

All questions were answered and the original plan to install the panels on the external shed as opposed to the roof would have been far less efficient. Solar Storage Solutions advised me of the best and most effective location and were keen to ensure that their installation met my needs, and not necessarily just the easiest and quickest option. 

As a local business they rely heavily on reputation and service, and the conduct of their operations is second to none.  All in all, great service from a long time and respected installer. 

Pay for quality and get a system installed by a reputable local business, it pays off every time.” 


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