March 5, 2020

What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

When you are thinking of installing solar panels in your Townsville property, you want to know as much as possible about these instruments.

Knowing how solar panels work can be the best way to help you decide whether you want to use them on your roof, and will let you know exactly what to expect when you use them.

Solar Storage Solutions understand solar panels, and can help you to learn more about these amazing devices.

How modern solar panels work

The modern solar panel converts sunlight into electricity.

A series of silicon films with positive and negative charges are placed under glass, and when sunlight hits the cells, they remove electrons.

Negative electrons move to one side of the cell, creating an electronic current which is then corrected and transported into the home.

The silicon films, when wired together to create the solar panel, are known as a solar photovoltaic array.

The essential silicon

The solar panels are constructed from film solar cells, made by piling up very thin layers of silicon, building what is known as a solar module.

These can be made from a variety of different silicon materials, a hard crystal type material which is very widely abundant in the Earth’s crust.

Silicon can also be grown in a lab.

Conductive wires

The silicon panels are wired together with a type of collective material known as Busbar ribbons. These are most often made from copper and silver or aluminium wire, and are used in the cells to create a higher level of voltage. The greater the number of panels and busbar ribbon, the higher the number of electrons that pass through, making your solar panel more efficient.

Finishing the module

In order to create a solar panel which can be affixed to the roof of a standard home, solar panels need to be fitted into a supportive frame.

Usually, this involves the solar cells being placed upon a protective polymer back sheet, which increases insulation of the cell, and covered with a pane of glass, designed to intensify the amount of sunlight reaching the cells.

A traditional aluminium frame holds the panel together and protects both the glass and the solar cells.

Let us help you with solar panels

If you decide that you want to experience the benefits of solar panels in Townsville, Solar Storage Solutions can help you to find the perfect device for your needs.

To find out more contact us online or call 07-4724-2779 today.

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