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Save With Solar Systems In Townsville

In the next few years, Australia will have installed an enormous amount of renewable energy systems, including solar systems.

From enormous solar farms that cover acres to domestic solar panels for Townsville residents and commercial solar panels for businesses, the move to enhance the country's ability to create more natural energy means that solar now supplies around 7% of all our power.

Solar Storage Solutions believes that even more residents could reap the benefits of using solar power.

  • ● Significant price reductions

  • With significant price reductions on renewable energy, domestic customers are seeing a much greater return on their investments, making it easier to make savings on your energy.

  • ● Cutting energy costs

  • While in the past the most popular reason for using solar power was to help the environment, more homeowners are choosing to use solar units to reduce their energy costs.
    Using your own energy is the future, and solar energy is the best way to convert the natural environment around your home into electricity, especially in sunny Townsville.

  • ● Using battery storage

  • The best way to increase your energy savings is to keep your unused energy in a special battery.

    Excess power is stored in this battery for nighttime use. When needed, the power is pulled back into your home. This prevents using energy from the grid - costing you money.

  • ● Avoiding high energy bills

  • Using your own electricity can save you money, particularly at times when there is a shortfall on the national grid.

    By using solar energy, you will see a reduction in your energy bills, including saving on heating and hot water boilers. Talking to Solar Storage Solutions about the best location to install your solar panels is the key to making financial savings.

How much does solar in Townsville cost?

How much will I save installing solar in Townsville?

Check out these real savings from Townsville locals!

Townsville power bill before solar installedTownsville Power bill after solar is installed
Happy customer picture of Jane Waterhouse after Solar installed in Townsville

“I would definitely recommend Solar Storage Solutions to others!”

-Jane, from Black River

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“Noel Jago really knows his stuff, and explains everything, simply and well. Nothing was too much trouble. Great bloke.” 

-Brian Townsend

“I had a 10 kilowatts battery installed as well, so far it has worked brilliantly, I am using 1 kW a day from the grid and putting up to 25 kW a day into the grid.

Yay no power bills!” 

-Dave Urquhart

“Everything was a pleasure. Company was awesome to deal with; the installers were nice and helpful. Everyone knew what they were talking about. There was a lot of variety to choose from. ” 


“Good provider. Recommended him to father in law who had him also install a 6kw system.

Was able to tell me upfront about issues and wasn’t just after my money” 


“The customer service, from deciding which system is best, to the installation and the after service is fantastic! If you are looking to have solar then these guys are very good. 

Could not be happier with the system and the service received.” 

-Terry Sawers

A Solar Townsville provider for over a decade


Did you know, you can use a solar power system day and night, let us reduce your power bill by 50% – 90%. We believe you pay to much for power and that renewable energy is the way forward. We don’t pay for power so why should you? We provide quality solar panel systems that include solar installation. Our staff have over 20 years combined experience and have been in the solar business for over 10 years and we’ve been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over those years.

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