April 24, 2020

5 Trends in Solar Power For 2020

solar power farm

Along with the UK, China, Sweden, and India, Australia is at the vanguard of implementing solar energy to deal with the on-going energy crisis.

Solar technology is advancing at a very fast pace and installation costs for solar power in Townsville are decreasing thanks to the intense market competition. As a solar energy provider, it is important for Solar Storage Solutions to keep up with changes to ensure we offer our customers the best solutions.

Here are some of the trends expected in solar power in 2020.

  1. Costs will continue to decrease

Since 2009, prices for solar technology have decreased by more than 60 per cent and it is forecast that in 2020 they will continue to decrease. Developing countries like India and China are investing heavily in innovation in the solar industry driving improvements at a lower cost. 

  1. Global solar power capacity will increase

Solar power is the most reliable and cleanest source of energy and as countries try to meet climate change targets its use is only going to increase. This is further aided by the fact that solar energy production capability is easy to implement at a lower cost than most other energy technology. 

  1. More companies will turn to solar power

Companies are beginning to wake up to the benefits of solar power. It’s cheap to install, easy to operate, clean, and more economical. Lower utility bills aid cost management for a better bottom line and there’s also the intangible benefit of customers choosing companies they see as being responsible and doing what they can for the environment. 

  1. More jobs will be created

There are currently 9.8 million people employed in the solar energy according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. As the implementation increases so will the need for installation experts, technicians, and other solar power professionals. A shortage of manpower would cause a major issue so there will be incentives and initiatives to develop people into solar careers. 

  1. The competition for energy storage will increase

Excess solar power needs to be stored. The countries mentioned earlier along with Poland and Germany are investing in technology for energy storage to enhance productivity. There may also come a time when countries will sell stored solar energy. 

If you want to reduce your utility bills and switch to a cleaner source of energy contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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